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Our company is focused on the long-term and stable cooperation with the participants of the construction market. An essential part of our activities is formation of partnership attitude with development and construction companies, engineering companies and other insiders of fire protection and fire security market. Our main guideline is an accomplishment of undertaken commitments and agreements.

In the tough and not always adequate competitive market, we are not concealing the fact that we are ready to work out, implement and follow the bonus warrant schemes with the representatives of engineering, construction companies and competitors.

We know that Quality, Price and Terms are the most important aspects for the Customer. We are sure that we can offer our Customer solutions, which match his evaluation criteria. And it doesnt matter which methods of competitive involvement of the Customer we use under the conditions of modern Ukrainian capitalism.

If you want to discuss the possibilities and format of cooperation, do please contact our company management by the following phone number 0038(044) 586-4654:

Director Artem Lukyanov

Commercial director Vilaliy Kebkal

Moreover you can inform our legal assistant, that youd like to negotiate the cooperation issues, referring to this part of our site.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information and contacts.