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Protection of server rooms and data processing centers

Information is one of the main results of human activity. Its just impossible to imagine modern society without data storage media and information-processing facilities. Server rooms and data processing centers are exactly those storages. Information is a material value that has its price and needs to be protected against misappropriation, destruction, particularly because of fire. Cases of fire in server rooms and data processing centers are not single instances. Fire causes enormous damages, destroying the equipment and at the same time information.

As far as Firex Ltd. has great experience in installation and service, it can offer complex of fire security systems, that allows reliably protect equipment and information of server rooms and data processing centers from damage because of fire and its consequences.

According to the design and engineering solutions complex of fire security systems of server rooms and data processing centers can consist of:

fire prevention system;
conventional and addressable fire alarm systems (with the use of aspiration and point detectors);
gas fire extinguishing system;
fire security management system.

Benefits of fire protection by means of previously mentioned systems are:

fault avoidance ignition is impossible;
active fire prevention in order to ensure operational security and protection of assets;
effective stave off danger to life;
minimizing fire loss and related damages;
guarantee of elimination of business loss because of fire;
access to protected areas is preserved;
no damage from smoke, the effects of fire or normal extinguishing agents;
more possibilities to create the system acceptable for the Customer;
system retrofit according to changes of Customers requirements and planning concepts;
reduced need for passive fire protection measures;
established experience of installing systems for a wide variety of applications.

Cooperation with Firex Ltd. affords the customer an opportunity to get competent support in the following activity directions:

selection of optimal fire protective devices;
design and endorsement of project solutions;
implementation of project solutions;
warranty and post warranty service maintenance of fire security systems, installed at the site of the customer.