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Public address systems

Системы пожарного оповещения
Public address system is one of the most important elements of the fire security complex. Public address system provides timely warning of the people, who stay in the building, about emergency. System automatically starts the transmission of evacuation voice messages (multilingual messages) in case of emergency. Another function of public address system is to indicate evacuation routes in case of fire or organize evacuation in several stages.

Proper design of such systems allows customer to provide rational use of the system in normal operation, for example for transmission of advertisements, and to ensure reliable service of the public address system in case of emergence.

Our company has a long-term experience in implementation of fire security projects for shopping and leisure centers, logistics centers, office centers, hotels, stadiums and airports.

We offer our customer the integrated solutions and complete support of the site of different complexity: from the design stage and till the site commissioning and further maintenance of the systems.

The equipment used in our projects is certified and meets all EN54 requirements, imposed to sound and public address systems.

More detailed information about equipment and public address systems can be obtained from the following website: .