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Fire alarm

Пожарная сигнализация

Fire alarm system is an integral part of complex security system of sites of different purpose. Fire alarm system is intended for fire detection on the early stage and for emission of light and sound alert signals. Fire alarm generates signal for management of fire security and fire protection systems that includes:

• installation of automatic fire extinguishing;

• smoke control system;

• elevators for transportation of fire-fighting units;

• sound and public address systems in case of fire;

• fire-fighting water conduit

Fire alarm installation – security guarantee of the site

Fire alarm system refers to the engineered protection features of buildings and is subdivided into addressable and conventional types.

Addressable fire alarm system allows making an extensive network on the sites of different complexity (wide range of duties complexes, logistics warehouses, hotels, office buildings, industrial facilities) and receiving exact information (sensors addressing) about the fire point.

Conventional fire alarm system has a number of certain restrictions concerning installation and quantity of sensors and, as a rule, is used for small sites: shops, cottages, offices, petrol stations, etc.

Fire alarm system from experts

Firex Ltd. offers a full range of services for development and endorsement of design decisions, equipment supply, mounting and maintenance of fire alarm systems of different types and complexity. Installation of fire alarm system can be realized based on both proper project decisions and on the projects, provided by the Customer, after complete technical analysis of project decisions by the engineers of Firex Ltd.

Technical specialists of our company have a great experience of installation and starting-up of the fire alarm systems with the use of:

• addressable and conventional point detectors;
• aspiration sensors for early fire detection;
• radial, linear transducers;
• heat (point, heat trace) detectors, flame rods.

The most optimal quality-price ratio of the implemented solutions in protection of the site offers our Customer a possibility to obtain a turnkey solution within the stipulated timescale. Installation of the fire alarm system, its mounting and service maintenance will always stay the concern of the company.

More detailed information about equipment and fire alarm systems can be obtained from the following website: We will be glad to see you among our customers!