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Fire General Contract

These days modern Ukrainian building owner often uses two methods in order to select the engineering contractor of the project. In the first case, he leaves this choice to the general contractor, after signing package building contract with him. In the second case, owner is actively involved into the process, he receives and analyses commercial offers from engineering companies and holds biddings. In this situation customers course of action doesnt differ from the general constructors conduct, who has signed package building contract, as far as henceforth the burden of systems implementation lies heavy on him.
The goal pursued by the customer or the general constructor is always clear and unique to minimize costs. Further the main factor that generally influences on the decision-making is price checking. For example, lets examine the site, where will be installed several fire security systems, and indicate approximate baseline budgets:
  • Fire alarm system - 500 000,00 hrn.
  • Water fire extinguishing system (pumping facility, intern fire line and automation are included) - 3 000 000,00 hrn.
  • Natural smoke exhaust system - 1 200 000,00 hrn.
  • Fireproofing of the air ducts and metal constructions - 2 000 000,00 hrn.
  • Sound and public address system - 250 000,00 hrn.

Total: 6 950 000,00 hrn.

The first variant. Wrong (in our opinion)

Customer or general contractor holds biddings for each system and as a result defines different contractors, who will develop different parts of the project. By the way, we had to encounter the situation, when in elaboration of one project (for example, water fire-extinguishing system) were involved simultaneously several contractors. In other words, one constructed the pumping facility, the second made the intern fire line and the third designed the linear section. And what we had in result? Operational occurrences of the system, a lot of misunderstandings and a great waste of time for errors recovery. If we return to the calculation, here is an example of the provisional expenses after tenders:  
       Contractor A. Fire alarm system - 400 000,00 hrn.
       Contractor B. Water fire extinguishing system (pumping facility, intern fire line and automation are included) - 2 750 000,00 hrn.
       Contractor C. Natural smoke exhaust system - 1 100 000,00 hrn.
       Contractor C. Fireproofing of the air ducts and metal constructions - 1 800 000,00 hrn.
       Contractor A. Sound and public address system - 230 000,00 hrn.

Total: 6 280 000,00 hrn.

Advantages: 670 000,00 cost savings from the baseline budget.

Disadvantages: Several contractors at the same site. This provokes necessity to coordinate their actions and ensure their cooperation and communication in working process. Control of quality, terms and work flow of each part of the system. Individual cooperation with each contractor regarding design, examinations, commissioning certificates, but all this is waste of your time and money and additional jitters.

The second variant. Correct. Winning formula means 2+2=3. Example:

Our fire protection turnkey contract is based not on the dumping, but on the best, technically developed and competent solutions. Solving the goals of fire protection turnkey contract, we are trying to optimize costs due to gain of the reliability and class of equipment and technologies in the low cost systems and, vice versa, to cut down the application or quantity of materials in costly parts of the project. For example, in case of addressable dust-exhaust fire alarm system, which is the tool of early fire detection, it would be possible to renounce some elements in the water fire-extinguishing part. Or due to efficiency upgrading of the smoke exhaust system, it will be possible to renounce application of fire shutters in some places or diminish fire-proofing. All these examples are not typical, because there is no universal solution. Every Customer is individual, every project is unique, and in this case we are ready to propose an individual solution that is required. As for the calculation, here is a general sum: 

       Fire alarm system - 750 000,00 hrn.
       Water fire extinguishing system (pumping facility, intern fire line and automation are included) - 2 000 000,00 hrn.
       Natural smoke exhaust system - 1 400 000,00 hrn.
       Fireproofing of the air ducts and metal constructions - 1 000 000,00 hrn.
       Sound and public address system - 240 000,00 hrn.

Total: 5 390 000,00 hrn.

Note: fire alarm systems budget has increased by 50% (!) from initial and smoke exhaust systems budget has increased by 17%. But at the same time, application of the other technologies and equipment let us realize more effective technical solutions and save on the other systems. 


       1 560 000.00 hrn. costs saving from the baseline budget, that is twice as many, than in case of biddings for each system.
       You will work with only one contractor.
       The same related and responsible persons.
       Integrated solutions concerning design, examinations, commissioning certificates and operation. 
Disadvantages: Any.
If you took an interest in our fire protection turnkey contract, we are ready to discuss any project at your convenience.
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