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Firex Ltd. is a reliable assistant in installation and implementation of security systems at your facility. The objectives of the company include design, mounting and service maintenance of the automatic fire extinguishing systems. There is a great variety of fire extinguishing technologies, but the experience and professionalism of our collaborators allow is to select the most optimal variant for security of your house, office and manufacture.

Professional fire extinguishing and fire extinguishing systems from Firex Ltd.

Those, who crave for ensuring of proper security on the high level, are our potential customers. We are able to guarantee such security. Several tried and proven fire extinguishing technologies will help you to stand up to the fire and we will help you to select exactly the one that will do the best for your facility. You wont have to watch over the proper operation of the equipment we take upon ourselves the responsibility for this. Fire extinguishing design, agreeable to the standards and peculiarities of the building; fire extinguishing installation and, subsequently, service maintenance all this is our concern.

Type of fire extinguishing technology will depend on many nuances. We know perfectly well, when its better to resort the mist fire extinguishing and when to powder fire extinguishing. Due to long-term experience, collaborators of our company know that water fire extinguishing will be absolutely useless in the premises with high gas hazard and, what is the most important, they can exactly define the type of the site, taking into account all factors for the most efficient functioning of fire extinguishing system.

Firex Ltd. is a direct distributor and offers the best conditions for the purchase of equipment and materials directly from the equipment manufacturer, as well as purchase of other elements of fire extinguishing systems. This ensures our Customer the most competitive price for automatic fire extinguishing systems. Whether it is foam or gas fire extinguishing the most reasonable prices are guaranteed.

If desired, there is always a possibility of more detailed consultations and discussions of project and technical solutions concerning fire extinguishing systems. Specialists of our company are always glad to help you clarify all obscure moments and questions of interest. For any additional information you can always contact our sales department. Professional design of fire extinguishing systems and real-life experience will help to provide you with more detailed and exact information.

Fire extinguishing is the guarantee of the facilitys safety and its protection from fire even in the absence of people on the site. Fire extinguishing by means of automatic systems is a guarantee, that the building, which you left in the evening wont become a site of fire till morning, even in the case of fire hazard. Fire extinguishing by means of automation it is the intact property and possibility to avoid damages.